Habit and Floyd's Diner
As I mentioned, my friend Jessica is currently visiting me in Victoria. She's the first one to visit me since Gabi came during my first month here. I've had plenty of time to adjust and discover my favorite spots, so it added a whole new element to the visit. Not only that, but Jess grew up in Sidney, BC, so she's well versed on all of the tourist activities. We spent our days doing non-tourist things, which mostly involved eating and drinking a lot of coffee. I have yet to figure out what else there really is to do in Victoria OTHER than eat your face off and spend time outdoors (too cold!). 

Shortly after Jess flew in, we made our way to Habit, which is my FAVORITE place in Victoria to get coffee. Before moving to Victoria, I was well versed in all things Starbucks. I even liked to claim that they made good coffee. I spent most of the last three years working full-time in a mall that (until recently) only sold Starbucks and Second Cup coffee, so I really didn't know any better. It breaks my heart a little bit (and my taste buds, blegh) to drink Starbucks these days when I know that there are so many better options out there. Habit is one of them. 

After coffee we did some roaming around downtown. This doesn't take a whole lot of time, as  prime downtown shopping is essentially two streets with a lot of cute boutiques that for the most part sell the same things. I'd been meaning to go into Sitka for ageeees. The most alluring thing about it before walking in is that they also have a cafe in the store. That and the windows are all rugged and earthy - totally alluring. Well, we finally went in and it did not disappoint. I'd been wondering where everyone had been getting their Hershel bags as I'd wanted one forever but didn't want to order it online. Surprise, Sitka sells them! This was a sad moment for me, as I'd bought a MEC bag a few weeks earlier. Jess ended up buying the shirt shown in the second photo above. This place carries LOTS of cool stuff, and the staff seemed pretty hip and cool as well.
Skrillex, is that you?
Lucky Bar and Floyd's Diner
That evening we ended up going to Lucky Bar. I've lived here for six months and I've been out dancing only twice, both within the first couple months. I'd been to Lucky once before, but it was a couple of years ago when I'd come to the island to visit friends. They're most known for 90's night on Monday's, which is what I'd previously gone to. After much debate and input from many, we decided to go against the grain and head to Lucky. It was a pretty good time! I'm not really one for getting slammed these days, nor am I one for dancing (Re: I can't), but overall it was a pretty stellar night. Plus, we managed to find ourselves at the grocery store at 2:30 AM buying candied salmon. I always wondered who really went to the grocery store at that time of night, and I now have my answer. 

The morning after, a hangover breakfast was in order. Come to think of it, neither of us were really that hungover (one of the biggest reasons why I choose not to drink often anymore is because my hangovers were so brutal - that, and at 20 I somehow manage to feel too old to party my ass off anymore). Still, grease is really the only thing that seemed very appealing, so it was grease we got. Floyd's diner is by far the best place for this. Jess informed me that it had been featured on You Gotta Eat Here, a television show on the Food Network. I didn't know this, so it was kind of cool. We started with orange juice, which is the only thing (besides shitty diner coffee) that I'll drink after a bender. It's also the only time that I'll drink orange juice. However, this morning I neglected to ask if the juice had pulp and ended up with a huge mouthful of it. Ugh. I opted for my usual meal of half order scrambled eggs (instead of tofu this time), a side of hashbrowns (possibly a little too many), and half a bagel. Jess went for the breakfast sandwich. 
Mug cake!
The rest of the day was spent watching television and napping, followed by a simple supper and mug cake for dessert. I used this recipe, and omitted the sugar and oil in favor of stevia and applesauce. I also made some soft serve banana ice cream. I LOVED both of them, but I think that I was the only one. I scarfed mine down, and the girls had ended up tossing a good portion of theirs. Sad. Not for me though!


  1. Your friend's hair is so fantastic!

  2. yum, diner food! it looks like you guys had fun!

  3. I too LOOOOVE mug cake! good job on making it healthier :)



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