The roommates and I headed to Bin 4 two Friday's ago to get a taste of their Dine Around menu. Dine Around & Stay in Victoria is an event that's been running for the last month that pretty much allows you to be a tourist in your own town. A bunch of hotels and restaurants offered discounted prices on rooms and three course meals. Bin 4 was offering a $20 menu including an appetizer, entree, and dessert. It was craaaaazy busy when we went. I even called an hour ahead and had our names added to the wait list, but we still waited 20 minutes when we got there. I ended up completely forgetting to snap any photos of the food, because I was seriously so hungry that I dug it without restraints. 

As per usual, we were started off with a small bowl of their house made potato chips. Those things are to die for, and are a super replacement for any kind of silly bread bowl. The seasoning on those bad boys is pretty delicious. Jenna and I both started our meal with the almond and blue cheese salad.

Almond Praline & Blue Cheese Salad 

fresh artisan greens, Ermite blue cheese, almond praline, sliced apple, honey balsamic vinaigrette

I'd had it as a side the first time that I came to Bin 4 and it was the obvious choice to get again. The sweetness of the candied almonds paired with the saltiness of the blue cheese is faaaaabulous. Carlee opted for the pork and chorizo lettuce wraps to start. I'd already been to Bin 4 twice since they opened and had tasted both of their veggie burgers. They offer both a tofu and a bean burger. I was more partial to the tofu burger, but the bean burger was offered on the Dine Around menu so I went with that.

Mr. Bean 
Chick pea, black bean, cumin, fresh cilantro, goat cheese, curry aioli, butter lettuce, tomato, red onion

The goat cheese was my favorite part. The entrees still came with a side of either fries, onion rings or a salad. Since we'd already had salad to start, we each got a side of either fries or onion rings along with three dips (truffle aioli, chipotle aioli, and jalapeno aioli). It made for a LOT of food and we barely touched the sides at all except to sample the dips. For dessert Jenna and I both got the Butterscotch Creme Brulee while Carlee went for the Lemon Tart. Omigod omigod. I have an undying love for creme brulee, so I was pretty much in heaven with this one. I took forever to eat it, because I was trying reaaaally hard to savour every bite. 

Bin 4 is always a pleasure to eat at. It's usually pretty busy, and for good reason. Despite the long wait, once you're seated the servers are always attentive and very helpful at pairing wines and helping to narrow down the best menu items. Chances are that I most likely won't make it back during the next month (my last living here), but I'll definitely make a point of coming back when I visit!
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Jenna's Birthday cake
Jenna's Birthday cake
Jenna's Birthday cake
Jenna's Birthday cake
Jenna's Birthday cake
Jenna's Birthday cake
Jenna's birthday

We celebrated a birthday on the 4th. It was my roommates birthday. She turned 24. By "we celebrated," I mean I made a cute banner, a cake, and there was some tea involved. Jenna went out for brunch and dinner with a few of her friends. It was a pretty low-key day, but we think that's how birthdays should be.

March is a big birthday month this year. It isn't usually! August is the big birthday month for me and thinks tend to get a little hectic. This year March is filled (well, only 3, but still) with birthdays all within the span on two weeks. Both of my roommates birthdays are this month (with the next only a week away), so I'm on cake duty. I made this little gem with a Bailey's ganache and raspberry/hazelnut chocolate truffles instead. These girls love their white chocolate and raspberry. This cake looks a little homemade, as it should. Ugh, I've never been very good at frosting cakes. This is one of the better ones. The construction of these guy was a bit of a disaster if we're being completely honest here. Note the very thick white chocolate cake layer surrounded by two little dark chocolate cake layers and Bailey's ganache. Well, first I split one of the chocolate layers in half when I was trying to move it onto a plate. I didn't allow the white chocolate cake to cool enough before moving it from the pan, so it stuck. Somewhere in there is a thick layer of frosting glue. That shiz is amazing. All things considered I'd say it turned out pretty well. Disaster averted. I'll take the homemade appearance in the sheer delight that I didn't destroy it enough to end up having to make a trifle (or something). OH, and it's totally delicious. Perfectly indulgent along with some popcorn ice cream a la Cold Comfort.

I wish you could all be here to celebrate and eat some cake. Don't worry, I'll save a slice.
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