Homemade Nutella
It seems that the only way to get me out of bed early these days (like, since Christmas) is if I have some sort of stressful event taking place later that day. Not even the longest to-do list with non-time-sensitive items will get me up. However, yesterday we were throwing a Mother's Day brunch, so of course I was up very early to get started on the cooking. I had managed to do a little bit of prep the day before so that the day-of could be focussed on the big items. I candied walnuts, roasted beets, prepped salad dressing, made a rhubarb crumble, and managed to have a little time to sit down in the scorching sun for a couple cups of coffee to keep me going. My parents eventually wandered out of bed (my brother was still nowhere to be found), and my mum opened her gift from my brother and I. I'm not sure how it happened, but one minute I was enjoying my coffee with infinite time to spare before the party started, and the text we were 20 minutes to go time and I was not ready at all. It's funny how it sneaks up on you.

We did get everything ready in a timely manner, and our guests started to arrive. We did a great deal of mingling, and uh, my brother and I did a little boozing (what's a family get-together without a little alcohol right?). Eventually we got around to eating.

The menu
Chris + mum
Egg + toast cups, Baked amaretto french toast
My dear brother gave us all the pleasure of making an appearance at our brunch by skipping his workout that was scheduled part-way through. He was texting his friend to tell him of his 'situation,' and paused to laugh. I asked him what he was smirking at, and he said (to his friend), "I guess I'm carb-loading today."

Yes. Yesterday was a day of carb-loading.

Isn't that the way that it always is at a family get together? Well, this time 'round it especially was. I handcrafted the menu myself, so I suppose that I'm the only one to blame/thank... something in the middle? The thing about breakfast/brunch done family style is that your options for not having a super carby meal are pretty limited. Who wants to be standing over the oven dishing out omelettes the entire time instead of mingling? Baked eggs would be the best option, yes, which is exactly what I went with. Bacon, Egg + Toast Cups, along with the vegetarian spinach option. The other main dish was Amaretto (there were little guys, so I omitted and went with Almond extract) baked french toast. As a side, I made a roasted beet salad with goat cheese and candied walnuts. My Aunt brought the most delicious quinoa salad that somehow managed to taste like a taco. It was very, very good.
The dessert spread
Post-main meal we finished off with dessert, which was a combo of chocolate chip cheesecake bars with chocolate salted ice cream, as well as rhubarb crumble with strawberry ice cream. All homemade, of course. As far as I could tell, half of the guests were into the salted chocolate.... It was definitely my pick for favorite next to the rhubarb crumble. Two very opposing flavors that really manage to tickle the taste buds.
Mama + me
It was smoking hot outside (and in thanks to the oven), and the forces seemed to be against us. Full bellies, a smidge too much to drink and above-average heat. Nevertheless, the get-together went on with only the slightest of hinge. We mingled into the early evening until the guests trickled out. I began the clean up while my mother enjoyed the rest of her day, my dad did some work, and my brother took a snooze (?). For a day that was really quite chaotic, I think that it went quite well. I can only hope that the day was a good one for my mum. She certainly deserves it.
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