Decorating my bedroom is well underway (sort of)! I kind of got screwed over got the short end of the stick when I moved back home, in terms of living arrangements. Before I moved away for school, I had the entire newly developed basement to myself. It took YEARS and YEARS to get the darn thing developed and it had always been promised to me. When I moved out, my little brother moved down there, so now I'm back upstairs. The room is small. It's a lot smaller than the basement and also smaller than my loft in Victoria, but it's doable. I don't really need that much space to myself, and despite my furniture being a tad crowded, this is a good space.

It's a pity that the wall color isn't really reflected in these photos. The rest of the house is painted in shades of brown and red, so my new bedroom is quite the change. The walls are a lovely shade of light seafoam green, which contrasts really nicely with my furniture. I'll forever regret not getting my Ikea set in cedar, but oh well. The space above my bed was sparse for what feels like forever. I had no artwork up, no shelves until recently, and quite a bit of my things were still packed away. A few weeks ago I got around to putting together this map of Canada, and it was finally put up today. I'm really very happy with the result. My next step is to get some new bedding (grey and white striped duvet + shams), smaller sized pillows, and a couple of prints up on the wall opposing my door. 


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