I had this nice thought that the summer of 2013 was going to be all about finding love for this little city that I live in. I have a perpetual dislike of Calgary on, more so because of the baggage that I have here than the actual city itself. Something about the weather, the shitty transit service, living in the suburbs. I had a plan to spend the summer exploring Calgary and hanging out in the mountains. We're mid-July, and I can't say that much of that has happened. In typical Sam fashion, after telling myself that I would take it easy, I proceeded to take on a heavy work load rendering it virtually impossible to spend time doing anything else. So that's what I've been doing: workworkwork, with a few expeditions strewn in between. My Instagram has become a bit of a dumping ground for what little I have been up to. It feels like a bit of regurgitation to spew it all up here, but here it goes.  
Ten Peaks
Moraine Lake
Ten Peaks
After nearly a year of longing to go back to the mountains since my last hike, I FINALLY WENT. We headed up to Banff/Lake Louise area and did a hike just off of Moraine Lake. Of course, I don't know which trail we actually did, but that is a spectacular view of the Valley of Ten Peaks you see up there. The day started with Health Cookies at the Lake Louise bakery (every time), and finished with a dip in the hot springs. Mountain air really is something. 
Model Milk Sunday Supper
Model Milk Sunday Supper
The only other notable outing that I've been on as of late would be dinner at Model Milk last Sunday. You guuuuyyyyyyysssss. Ugh, okay. So last year at around the same time, I went to Model Milk for drinks. Only that I don't really remember much of it because it was our second watering hole of the evening, and I'd been a little heavy handed at our first stop. I've been meaning to go back ever since and finally got to do so last week. I went with a few pals that I used to work with way back in the UO days and we went for Sunday Supper. Okay, so the way it works is that you pay $35/pp and get a family style meal including multiple starters, main proteins, side dishes and dessert. Last week was:


A feast of wholesome goodness served family style. Served until 10pm $ 35pp
July. 14, 2013 
Hay Smoked Trout Crostini with Horseradish Cream | Spanish Ham and Asparagus Garganelli | MM Wedge Salad with Green Goddess Dressing 
MAIN PROTEIN Spring Creek Ranch Bavette Steak with Smoked Bone Marrow Jus | Lois Lake Steelhead with Salsa Verde 
MAIN SIDE Warm Sweet Potato Salad | Creamed Corn and Cabbage | Cheese Curd Pomme Puree | Marinated Charred Vegetables 
DESSERT Chocolate Brownies with Buttermilk Ice Cream
Since I'm a vegetarian, they accommodated the meals for me, which was really freaking awesome. My main was what I believe to be oyster mushrooms cooked to perfection. I claim to not be so into mushrooms, yet whenever I eat out I fall in love with the mushroom dish. I think I am simply unable to cook them myself. Whatever. I'll leave it to the professionals. Anyway, so can we talk about how great of an idea tossing cheese curds into mashed potatoes is? Because it was pretty amazing. That and the sweet potato salad that I have been racking my brain all week to figure out how to recreate. More of this Sunday Supper business needs to happen in the future.

Currently, I'm  on my final day off before I leave for holidays next week. I'm anticipating leaving, but can't help but think that I've given myself too little time to prepare at this point. There will be a lot of cleaning going on today in preparation, and it might be a good time to start thinking about what to bring...


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