Mt. Rainier from the planeLeaving Calgary
Home in BallardSlate Coffee Bar, Seattle
Revel, Seattle

Salad and pancake at Revel, SeattleRice bowl at Revel, Seattle
Dumplings at Revel, Seattle
Seattle Skyline from King Street Station Fremont, Seattle
Small plates from Sitka & Spruce, Seattle Sitka & Spruce, Seattle
Flowers at University Village, Seattle
Ah, Seattle. This is my second time visiting the city - the first being last April, when I was still living in Victoria. The trip was as brief this time as it was last time (which is seemingly how my mother and I travel together), but I felt a bit more like I had my bearings this time around. A few comments on Seattle and the US in general, both good and bad: First being that Seattle drivers are nutso, and I don't know how anyone gets their license. Who am I to talk, really, when I don't have my Canadian license to begin with, but boy do you ever need to be aggressive to get anywhere. I'm talking come around a corner of the freeway and be expected to cross four lanes in order to get to your next exit, or else find yourself in a whole different town. Yeah, we did that twice and got a good view of Greater Seattle. Also, traffic??? I swear folks spend half their lives sitting in traffic. The good? I think that I would live in Fremont if I were to live in Seattle. It seems like my kind of place. What did we do in Seattle? Went to a lot of coffee shops, did a bit of shopping, went for a hike (more on that later) and ate some really great food. More on that NOW. The first evening, we went to Sitka & Spruce, which I very much enjoyed. The food was fresh and the ingredients were a little unusual. The flavors were beautiful. I enjoyed it more than my mother, who I think thought it was a little froufrou. The following evening we went to Revel, which was on a bit of a whim. I'd read amazing reviews of the place, but thought, "ehhhh, Korean comfort food? Maybe not." Maybe I was wrong, because I do believe it was my favorite meal of the entire trip. Very. Good. Stuff. The first night, I also met up with Rosie, who I've basically been long-time Internet stalking. We met up for drinks, walked around Capitol Hill and wound up at a Macklemore and Ryan Lewis video shoot on the rooftop of Dick's Drive-In.

Excuse the lack of non-Instagram-repeated photos. I decided not to bring my camera on the trip, which turned out to be a good decision. However, no camera = major IG spam of most of the above. 


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