Fire Artisan Pizza Spokane, WA

Fire Artisan Pizza was my culinary saving grace while in Spokane. After three days of eating terrible fried chain-restaurant dinners, on the final evening we had a family meal at Fire to celebrate my dads birthday. Oh, I could go on and on with lovely things to say about Fire, but we'll leave it at four words: it's delightful and delicious.

Fire is located in the heart of downtown Spokane across from the Davenport. The building boasts high ceilings, modern decor and an open kitchen. When we arrived late afternoon, the space was relatively empty, which was a surprise as I expected it to be bustling on a Saturday. We seemed to have come at an opportune time, because shortly after being seated near the front of the restaurant, other patrons began flooding in.

Fire Artisan Pizza Spokane, WA
Chocolate chip cookie - Fire Artisan Pizza Spokane, WA
Fire Artisan Pizza Spokane, WA
Fire Artisan Pizza Spokane, WA

Our waiter was cheerful and offered some great wine and beer selections. We skipped the appetizers (although in hindsight I would have liked to try the Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Salad) and dove straight in to the pizza. Two vegetarian options being Billy (goat cheese, roasted red pepper, Kalamata olives, tomato sauce, fresh arugula* - $14) and Crimini (crimini mushrooms, thyme, garlic olive oil, mozzarella cheese - $13). Two meat options being Camino (roasted chicken breast, Kansas City bacon, red onion, aged white-cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, chipotle bbq sauce, finished with fresh cilantro and habenero sea salt - $15) and Thai (mae ploy, mozzarella, roasted chicken breast cashew satay sauce, serrano chilies, green onions, finished with cilantro, cashews and sriracha - $16). The pizzas cooked up in minutes, and I think that we were all surprised by which pizzas ended up being our favorites.

When I looked at the menu ahead of time, I was unimpressed that they had only one dessert option: a Bitter Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie with Gray Salt and Ice Cream. We were going for a birthday after all, and a chocolate chip cookie seemed an underwhelming way to end the evening. I couldn't have been more wrong. My brother was excited about the cookie, so were ordered one and split it between us four. Oh, my. The cookie was thick in the centre and still warm when it arrived at our table. On top was a giant scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. The salty-sweet combination of the ice cream, chocolate chip and gray salt was a huge hit, and I'm so glad that we got dessert. We left the restaurant with full bellies and smiles on our faces. My only complaint about Fire was the lack of cocktail list. While I was content with my wine, I was hoping for some unique cocktails, which I think would have gone well with the vibe of the restaurant.

In Spokane, Fire is located 816 W Sprague, and they also have a location in Coeur d'Alene.

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