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This months chat about the garden will be summed up into one, slightly sad, slightly exciting post. There are no photos to show from the Ys garden from this month. Before I left, the peas had overgrown the trellis and had begun to droop back over the bed. The lettuce was getting nice and big and some of the mesclun had begun coming up. Fast forward to this week, when I returned to work and the garden only to find that some little shit head had pulled most of the plants from their roots and left them in the bed. Yeah. Thanks, bro. Now, had they simply harvested some of the plants, I would not be so bothered. It's the act of actually killing the plants and leaving them there that really gets me going. It's sad, and it's disrespectful. The garden was there for the community to enjoy, and now we are left trying to salvage the remains. The beans remained untouched, which I suppose is good. Most of the lettuce was pulled, and some of the peas. The peas are the most sad, because they were JUST started to produce actually pods, which were so, so good. There is nothing like fresh peas. Well, I am sad, but what do you do? I suppose that is the risk that you take with a community garden, but you hope that people will be kind and respectful. Let me say this though: Karma will find you, and you will deserve whatever is coming your way.

Onto, er.. Happier things. My home garden is doing relatively well, despite being neglected for a week. We will soon have raspberries, zucchini, broccoli, radishes and tomatoes. Has anyone ever actually seen broccoli plants? They are the strangest thing. The rhubarb has run its course, as have most of the herbs, which i am currently drying. The lettuces are doing well, although they could use another planting. The arugula is done - it's just too hot at this point that whenever I plant more it goes straight to seed, ultimately rendering it useless for consumption. It's getting to the point in the season where I'm not sure if I should keep planting more salad greens (requiring me to purchase more seeds), or if I should hang up my apron and gloves for the season and try again next year. I'm looking forward to the rest of the harvest, and it has been quite enjoyable to get the majority of my, well, just my salad greens at this point, but even to not have to purchase those has been great. Is it time to pass off the torch to the farmers and get the rest of the summers bounty from the market? After the sad event described above, I'm thinking so, at least for this year. Soon, I hope to have friends over to celebrate the taste of summer and to enjoy the remains of the things that I have grown. Soon enough.


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