August 9, 2013 Dinner
August 9, 2013 DinnerAugust 9, 2013 Dinner
August 9, 2013 Dinner

This one is long overdue. In early August, I had a few friends over for a market fresh dinner. It's not often that we are all in the same city and available to get together... Usually only once or twice a year does this actually happen. It'd been a year or so, and we were well due to catch up.

Early in the day, Gabi and I took an adventure to the Calgary Farmers Market to collect our produce, made a stop at the liquor store, bakery, and cheese shop. I spent the afternoon cooking up the meal (I have yet to master the art of good hostessing or collective cooking). I made some of my favorite dishes as well as a few new ones. We all met later in the evening for some good food, drink and conversation under the summer sun.


  1. The food looks amazing, especially those carrots... my favorite vegetable!
    I'm going to miss getting fresh produce when the winter months come.


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