October Playlist
Excuse the mega post withdrawal. Things have been stupid busy around these parts (I know, I know....SO busy, see "9"), and the blog has inevitably taken a backseat. By the end of the month, I'll have finished all but one of my midterms, so here's to hoping that by that point I have a second to catch my breath. I have yet to start that fall to-do list of mine, but hopefully soon. I feel like I'm running out of time to get it done before the first snowfall (knock on wood)!

Some cool things have been going on around here. Last week, I attended a debate between AB NDP leader Brian Mason and Wildrose leader Danielle Smith. It was a very casual setting, but so awesome to see. Today is also municipal election day in Calgary, so I made sure to head out and vote.

Other than that it's been a lot of school and a little work. Business as usual, I guess.

As for the mix, I've been pretty terrible at keeping up with all things "new" music. This is mostly old with the addition of some new releases...A Cults, Lorde (she's growing on me) and Tired Pony track. Now that the season is visibly changing, I find that I've been opting for what I have dubbed cool weather music. That being slower paced, singer/songwriter type stuff (although you wouldn't really know it from this mix).


Playlist via Rdio.


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