What I've realized most over the last year is that I'm definitely less of a party girl than I used to be. Offer me a night in with a Netflix marathon and a glass of wine and I'll take you up on it any time. I've been to one New Years Eve party in my day, and never to a bar. It's always been nights in and board games with friends—just how I like it. I hope that this year is the same. Even though I'll likely be staying in, there's no reason to not look a little dressed up. Below is my perfect New Years Eve look. It's cozy with a touch of elegance.


Wilfred Montpellier Sweater, Aritzia // Tasha Legging, Club Monaco // Clutch, Zara

I'm admittedly not very good at doing my nails. I love the process and the pampering, but I always seem to lack the patience to wait for it to dry and inevitably end up smudging it. Can't blame a girl for trying though. My polish collection is always growing, and I've found a love for Julep products. They dry incredibly quickly (the major selling point for me), have a huge assortment of colors, and the pigment is great. My New Years Eve look will be accompanied by the Julep look featured below, likely in a purple like Jessie as opposed to red. Let me know in the comments what you'll be wearing and doing for New Years Eve, and also if you give the tutorial a try!



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