The one thing that I won't leave the house without fixing up are my brows. Without a little tending to, they are quite sparse and frankly don't do me any favors. I've tried my fair share of brow products, but at the end of the day Anastasia Beverly Hills reigns supreme. However, being a student means that I don't have a whole lot of disposable income, and with such a hefty price tag, these products can seem a bit unreasonable. I was going through my Brow Whiz like CRAZY and eventually decided to try Dip Brow with the thought that it would last much longer. I'd seen some great tutorials on YouTube of ladies who could get that gorgeous sort of faded out brow using the product, but unfortunately with my lack of expertise and patience I could never achieve the look. It takes a steady hand and a lot more than the minute that I have in the AM to get that perfect Dip Brow'ed brow down, and for the essence of time, Brow Whiz is currently the one for me.

Dip Brow
Pros: Lasts a really long time
Cons: Takes longer to apply to achieve a great looking brow

Brow Whiz
Pros: Precise, easy to apply
Cons: Price


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