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The boyfriend and I have a trip to Mexico planned for the end of August, and the prospect of having some time off is terribly exciting, especially since it means beaches and pina coladas. Of course, what it also means is laying out in a bikini for seven days, which like the average twenty-something brings a lot of horror in it's own regard.

Not that I have been lazy per se, but perhaps a bit more inactive since starting my new job. Excuses, excuses, but I find it really hard to get myself to the gym in the afternoon after work. I am definitely a morning exerciser, but I'm trying to make it work. I've given myself eight weeks to get myself back into tip-top shape, or at least back to my post-BBG bod. We are at six weeks out now, and I thought I'd start to give weekly updates as to where I'm at and what I'm doing to hold me accountable.

Workouts: I have a four day split going on right now that I'll likely keep up with for the duration of the next six weeks. Day 1: Legs and glutes; Day 2: Shoulders, Triceps, Abs; Day 3: Chest, Biceps, Abs; Day 4: Back and Abs. I am doing thirty minutes of LISS three days a week and one HIIT session.

Eating: I'm still following IIFYM style eating on a high protein diet. 40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fat. I eat clean for all except one or two cheat meals a week. I like dining at great restaurants, and I'm not about to give that up just yet.

I am slowly but surely learning that you have to trust the process with fitness and getting the physique that you want. It is very easy to compare yourself to others and question why your progress isn't quite there yet, but progress pictures really are the best indication of how far you've come.


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